The Muslim Solidarity Committee formed shortly after the trial and verdicts for Imam Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain. Today we wish to express our deep outrage at the injustice that has occurred in Albany today.  As citizens who have come forward to show solidarity with these two men, their families and the Muslim population of the Capital Region. We have collectively looked at all the evidence presented by the United States Government against Aref and Hossain and have every reason to believe that these two men are innocent of all charges brought against them, that they were caught up in a sting operation and framed solely because of who they are: two simple, practicing Muslim men from the Middle east.


We believe that the United States Government has done and continues to do a grave disservice to the citizens of our country by targeting a specific group of people, expressly the Muslim community, and justifying its “War on Terror” by setting up elaborate operations to frame innocent Muslims, isolate the Muslim community within our country and keep this community in a constant state of fear.


We have witnessed the devastating effects of this wrong-headed operation on both the Aref and Hossain families including a total of ten young children and two wives who are now left to raise their families alone.  We have seen the fear that penetrates deep within the Muslim community in their reluctance to come forward to share their outrage with the non-Muslim members of our group and their mistrust of anyone they do not know.  We are saddened by this impact on our Muslim neighbors, whom we have gotten to know and respect for their kindness, generosity and deep faith.


In the words of Imam Aref, “I want you all to continue your support and to never give up.  It is not for me or my family, but it is for this country, America and its people.  The freedom and equal rights in this country and in Western countries is the fruit of the struggling and sacrifice of many people like you.  As long as life continues on this earth there will be struggle.  Be happy and proud that we can be part of it and we can work to achieve something good for everyone.”


We, the members of the Muslim Solidarity Committee, will not give up – we will continue to struggle for the truth to come forward and for Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain to be set free, and for the civil liberties of our country to be restored.


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May Saffar

Catherine Callan

Steven Downs